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Welcome, Traveler

Space is no longer just for astronauts! Space tourism now is safe and affordable. Get ready and embrace this unique experience with other Space Enthusiasts.

Space Vertical

Space Vertical team will lead you through the 2 days lasting experience at the Space tourism camp. We’ll welcome you with a complete package of emotions. Space flight missions to various destinations, interactive expeditions, informative training, antigravity experiences, Space tastes, and other unforgettable moments.

You‘ll be surrounded by a unique Space environment and the prepared program will be introduced right after your arrival at the Space Vertical camp.

2-days lasting Space journey begins at Space Vertical Camp that includes different Space tourism activities. Simulated flights-missions with da Vinci-7 Spaceship to Mars, Moon, Solar system planets, exo-planets, observing and landing on the planets, passing through asteroids, etc. The interactive VR expeditions will be held after or in between the Space missions, antigravity experience, special training, astronaut costumes, Space food, and accommodation in the Space domes.

Explore Space mysteries from Space Vertical Camp as you gaze through telescopes at the wonders of the cosmos. Witness the beauty of distant stars and planets and unlock the secrets of the universe. All these and more activities will create an unforgettable experience. On the final day, the experience ends with an astronaut diploma, a group photo with your fellow travelers, and a GALA dinner.


1-st day schedule

11:00 AM
Busses will pick up passengers from Orlando bus station
Arrival at the Space Vertical Camp– registration and accommodation
Lunchtime (Space Food, Food trucks)
Training before flight session. Choosing astronaut costumes
Flight to the Moon (duration 1h)
Interactive expedition / excursion, antigravity experience in Space domes
Dinner time. Drinks (Space food, food trucks)
Training before flight session. Astronaut costumes.
Flight to Mars (duration 1h)
Immersive activities in Space domes
Space travelers gathering, snacks, drinks, stargazing with telescopes
Night flight to exo-planet (duration 30min)
Sleep time

2-nd day schedule

Breakfast (Spacefood, food trucks)
Seminar about Space
11.30-12.30 PM
Flight to ISS (duration 1h)
Interactive activities in Space domes
3.15-3.15 PM
Last flight - dive into Space (duration 1h)
A group photography with decorations and astronaut diploma
5.30-7.30 PM
GALA dinner
Busses take travelers back to Orlando


Step Into the Future
and Bid Your Space Trip

Only 10 000 people from USA will be selected to get the opportunity to bid on your Space experience and secure your ticket today. Don‘t miss a chance when your dream trip to Space is Just a Bid Away!

Get ready for out-of-this-world experiences and immersive Space tours! Shown content is reliable and appropriately prepared on public information based on NASA data. From the International Space Station to the far reaches of our solar system, we offer a range of immersive experiences to satisfy any space enthusiast.

Unlock the Secrets of the Universe...

The thrill of Space travel is unlike any other, an experience that will stay with you for a lifetime. With da Vinci-7 futuristic spaceship and its special effects, you‘ll dive into Space without leaving the ground and witnessing the wonders of the universe up close.

Take your exploration to the next level and embark on a journey to the Moon, Mars and other planets. Our expeditions will take you on a journey of a lifetime, where you’ll witness breathtaking views of the Space and more from a whole new perspective.

The special effects – acceleration, fast twists, teleportations, and sounds of the Space will make the experience more remarkable. During the flight missions, the guide on the screen will guide and lead you through more detailed information about the exploring objects.