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Reach for the Stars with da Vinci-7 Spaceship

Welcome Aboard

da Vinci-7 Spaceship – is the simulated Space tourism spaceship that was developed to be the safest and most affordable choice for everyone who is keen to experience trips in Space and learn more about the cosmos. The da Vinci-7 was developed with a unique exterior design to create the most realistic spaceship experience.

da Vinci Spaceship-7 is Sustainable and Ecologycal way to Explore Space.

da Vinci-7 spaceship Interier clasifications:

  • Capacity: 60 passengers, the spaceship capsule may be reconfigured to accommodate a special event (dinner, conference, etc.).
  • Unique special motion system creates perfect movements of Space trips.
  • New video system with a huge 7.5 m wide and 2.5 height internal curved screen that is your window to Space.
  • 2 laser projectors of 8K resolution and highest quality sound system.
  • Sudden movements improved with special effects (twisting chairs, swinging, acceleration).