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    Frequently asked questions


    When will this Space experience be available?

    Space Vertical Camp and interactive experiences are planned to launch in late 2024. Due to changing conditions a delay of launching is possible.

    What is the price of all experience?

    The cost range is $2 000- $10 000 per explorer. When filling out the reservation form customers can bid their cost and the Space Vertical team will connect with selected people.

    Is a deposit required?

    Yes. The deposit of $2000 USD is required to secure your spot on the Space Vertical space experience.

    Is the deposit refundable?

    For not selected people who do not meet the specified requirements, due to health issues, age, etc., a full deposit is refundable.

    What are my payment options?

    We accept all major credit/debit cards, Google Pay

    What happens after I make my deposit?

    After your deposit has been received, you are part of the Space Vertical Camp community. You will receive regular updates via email from Space Vertical team, and all the important information about Space Vertical experience. In addition, by participating in this Space experience, you will have the exclusive opportunity to participate in the Space Vertical competition and be involved in the further development of Space Vertical Camp program.


    How many passengers can fly together in the Spaceship?

    A total number of passengers – maximum 60 travelers. The capacity of a spaceship can be adjusted by the needs.

    If I confirm an individual seat, can I still assemble a group of friends to join the same flight?

    We will make every effort to ensure you’re able to experience space flight with your friends and family. We are able to offer some flexibility around group deposits—please contact us for more information.

    How long is the experience?

    The whole experience lasts for 2 days (1 night). One immersive flight mission lasts about 1h. The whole program and schedule will be presented to you on your arrival to the Space Camp.

    Is the transportation included in the price?

    Yes. The Space Vertical team will collect people from the Orlando and bring them to the Space Camp. By the schedule after experience, busses will take travelers back.

    Is the flight experience safe?

    Space Vertical offer to experience a Space trip is the 100% safest way to travel and interactively explore Space without actually flying into Space.

    What can we expect to see in the Space Camp?

    The Space Camp consists of the main launching land where the da Vinci-7 spaceship stands, walkthrough barriers with 60 Space camp pavilions for accommodation, pavilions for Immersive experiences – Space expeditions and training, administration pavilion, helipad, bus lot.

    Will there be Wi-fi on the site?

    Unfortunately, there won’t be possible to use Wi-fi or use Your phones. By coming to the Space Camp you will be asked to leave your cell phones securely locked in lockers during the whole experience.

    Will there be cameras capturing the experience?

    There will be time to make a group photos at the end of all experience.

    Are food and beverage are included in the offer?

    Yes. During the whole experience, there will be a menu with full-day dishes. You will have an opportunity to taste real Space food made with NASA technology, also there will be food trucks with other options for food and beverages.

    The Spaceship da Vinci-7

    What will I see inside the spaceship?

    Inside the spaceship da Vinci-7 is a massive 7,5 m wide and 2,5 height, internal curved screen with 60 passenger seats and a unique spacecraft interior, unique 6 DOF motion system.

    Does the Spaceship actually fly?

    Da Vinci-7 spaceship does not actually fly, but a unique 6-DOF motion system creates the most similar feeling of flying because of the fast movements, lifts up and down, twists and other effects.

    Will I experience weightlessness?

    No, you will not experience weightlessness–or more accurately, microgravity. Some Space tourism companies offer weightlessness on their flights, which is caused by the few minutes that the spacecraft is in free fall (it’s not related to your distance from Earth).

    What are the physiological and medical requirements to fly?

    Generally, if you are healthy and able enough to fly on an airplane, if you are higher than 1.3 m you will meet the physiological and medical requirements. No medical or physical exam is required.

    Are there any age restrictions?

    Currently, Space Vertical is open to anyone at least 5 years old and be going together with parental caring.

    Will I be able to communicate with my friends, family during the flight?

    Yes, during the flight experiences you can share your experience with you friends or family who are next to you on the flight.